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Modco® was established in 1981 by a group of experienced engineers. They were driven by the idea of improving the existing closure technology to its best. Of course, the Figure 500™ closure has been through continuous improvements since 1981, but its reliability and competitive pricing continued throughout the time. With more than 90,000 closures in the field worldwide, the passion of the founders of Modco has become true.

The Closure Specialists

In 2007, Modco® became a part of the "MAP Group (Mid-American Partners)" family. The manufacturing expertise of the MAP Group has helped to further professionalized the work of Modco. In 2010, Modco® moved to a new state of the art 10 acre production complex including 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space under roof. The modern setup of the manufacturing facility with its updated CNC and welding equipment has enabled Modco® to provide precision machining and fabrication meeting the newest industrial standards.

In the 80’s and 90’s, the yearly production of the Modco® Figure 500™ Quick Opening Closure increased consistently. This continued growth lead Modco® to become a more confident leader in the industry. One important factor of the success of Modco® is that the company's focus on a single product line. This focus has helped develop and guarantee an experienced staff with an efficient company setup. Since day one everybody at Modco has been driven by the closure, making it no wonder the entire commitment of all Modco employees is to identify themselves as the “Closure Specialists”.

“To be the world’s best and advanced Threaded Quick Opening Closure provider through an exclusive company focused on closures”

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Modco® has been a Quick Opening Closure provider since 1981. With our Figure 500™ Closure line we are a reliable partner for reputable companies in the oil and gas industry. The success of the company is led by our drive to reach the never ending goal of our mission statement, which is: “To manufacture a product and provide a service that exceeds our customer`s expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement, sustainability and reflected values we hold in our company.”