The Modco® Figure 500™ is in accordance with most international design codes. ASME Code Stamping ('U') and Partial Data Reports (U-2A) are available on every Modco Closure.

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ASME / ISO 9001


The Modco® Figure 500™ Closure is manufactured in Conroe, Tx, USA. Modco`s quality control system is in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1, Appendix 10. An independent authorized inspection agency is verifying Modco`s compliances regularly through audits. Drawings, documentation, order flow, tool calibration, material specifications, processes, welding procedures, inspection and nondestructive examination are controlled through a state of the art quality control system. If ASME code is required, a commissioned inspector of the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors verifies the closure meets Modco ASME approved Quality Control Manual specifications.

Certified material test reports (MTR`s) are shipped with every closure. Supplied materials are inspected for correct heat code identification and dimensional accuracy. Physical and chemical properties of the mill test reports are verified to ensure the quality of all pressure retaining parts. At the moment an order is received a permanent serial number is assigned to each Closure. The stamped serial number verifies the traceability of the closure components.

An addition to the identification number of every closure all material heat numbers are transferred on every pressure retaining components and their direct attachments. Through this procedure the traceability to the material test reports for every closure is guaranteed. This policy applies for all Modco® closures – with ASME code stamp or without.