The Modco®

Figure 500™ - Quick Opening Closure

Few products stand the test of 38 years in the field, but the strong and simple design, smooth and easy operation, and proven and tested safety of the Figure 500™ are unmatched in the closure market.

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Strong and Simple


The Modco® Figure 500™ closure is a very simple design consisting of a cap, sub, and hinge assembly. Closure cap opening and closing is very easy if proper procedures are followed. The Modco design utilizes a large ACME thread. All larger size closures 16” and above utilizes a thread pitch of 1 thread per inch. This coarse thread eliminates the fear of “cross-threading” and makes for a quick make up of only 3 or 4 revolutions. Due to the strong and simple design, a threaded closure provides the lowest maintenance of all Quick Opening Closures. Over 38 years Modco Figure 500 closures have proven on tens of thousands of different units his reliability.

Smooth and Easy


Operation of the Modco® closure requires only one man and takes approximately 1-2 minutes to open. For sizes 16” and above, a ratchet tool is provided for breaking open the tightened cap from the hub. Now the cap can be removed once it turns freely of the hub. The ratchet tool provides the means to assist with one man operation in final make up of the sealing and initial breaking of the seal upon opening. The ratchet tool then can be removed from the closure once fully closed.

Proven and tested


Because of the large amount of thread engagement it is virtually impossible to open a Modco® closure with fair amounts of pressure in the vessel or pipeline. In the event that an operator is successful in breaking the seal only a partial release of product would occur, but there is no possibility of the door blowing off of the hub. There is still over 90% thread engagement once the seal is broken making this closure extremely safe. Modco closures are also equipped with another safety feature, the Pressure Alert Valve (PAV) which warns operators of additional pressure in the vessel before the closure cap is loosened. With these safety precautions, Modco closures afford outstanding safety to the operator.

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